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04/16/17 09:11 PM #1    

Marsha Henderson (Egbert)

To all who have sent their heartfelt thanks about Loren. He had been ill for a long while and it was my priveledge to spend his last days with him. He was the love of my life for the last 14 years and I miss him terribly. He was the same sensitive person he had always been and he passed as he wanted to, at home.

04/05/21 10:56 AM #2    

Randy Aronis



I’ve never done anything like this, forgive me if you get a couple of these emails.


I would love it if you took a moment to check out our GoFundMe campaign for Mark and Linda Borofsky. I am asking those of you who have been following Mark's medical journey to step up and get this going. Mark is in the fight for his life, suffering from the affects of Agent Orange from his time in Vietnam.


Your support would mean a lot to them. Thank you so much!


Also, make this go viral to your contacts please. As Mark fights for his life, let’s fight for their support.


- Randy Aronis


PS. This matters. thanks for all for reading


05/07/21 11:49 AM #3    

Randy Aronis


Please take another look for an update on Mark. Please consider giving what you can. 




07/19/21 11:53 PM #4    


Julie Wright (Connolly)

Randy, thank you so much for reaching out on their behalf, and in the process shining a light on the death trap of Agent Orange. The V.A. still resists admitting how much damage it has really done to "our boys" who won every battle in Viet Nam and then were sold out by their own government: all of that death for an "unwinnable" war. The love of my life and husband of 33 years, Daniel, suffered from Agent Orange as well. It took him on July 14th, 2017. My darling Danny, the proud Marine who was only 18 when he shipped out because: he had the money saved for his tuition at Cowley County, but his own father (a respected attorney) refused to loan him the money to buy his books. Still, my beloved fought for his country ( Sgt. Daniel Connolly, U.S.M.C.) with honor, but that war haunted him for the rest of his life. I will absolutely follow Mark's valiant battle, and of course contribute what I can on the gofundme page. It is so good of you for starting the page, Randy. But then, you have always been such a wonderful person, someone I can always be honored to call classmate and friend. A kind, funny, all-around good guy, that's our Randy! I'm glad that I saw this when I did, and so glad that you alerted us all in time to hopefully make a difference. Your friend, Julie (Wright) Connolly




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