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07/19/21 11:53 PM #4    


Julie Wright (Connolly)

Randy, thank you so much for reaching out on their behalf, and in the process shining a light on the death trap of Agent Orange. The V.A. still resists admitting how much damage it has really done to "our boys" who won every battle in Viet Nam and then were sold out by their own government: all of that death for an "unwinnable" war. The love of my life and husband of 33 years, Daniel, suffered from Agent Orange as well. It took him on July 14th, 2017. My darling Danny, the proud Marine who was only 18 when he shipped out because: he had the money saved for his tuition at Cowley County, but his own father (a respected attorney) refused to loan him the money to buy his books. Still, my beloved fought for his country ( Sgt. Daniel Connolly, U.S.M.C.) with honor, but that war haunted him for the rest of his life. I will absolutely follow Mark's valiant battle, and of course contribute what I can on the gofundme page. It is so good of you for starting the page, Randy. But then, you have always been such a wonderful person, someone I can always be honored to call classmate and friend. A kind, funny, all-around good guy, that's our Randy! I'm glad that I saw this when I did, and so glad that you alerted us all in time to hopefully make a difference. Your friend, Julie (Wright) Connolly




08/22/22 11:21 PM #5    

Martha Albright

Marc and Ray -

I can't imagine how challenging it has been to estimate attendance, but can you please provide some transparency regarding the accounting?  Are we hundreds or thousands of dollars short?  Did you subsidize the cost of Friday night per person assuming the existing funds could cover it and now we are short?  If so, what is a realistic amount each of us could pay/donate to cover our dinner?  Do you need $10 or $50 or $100 from each of us?  What's the total amount that would cover the event and future efforts...again...hundreds?  Thousands?  More info would be appreciated  Thank you  Sincerly, Martha 



08/23/22 04:17 PM #6    


Bob Mitchell

Thank You so much for all the work you have done in organizing our reunion.  I agree with Martha, please give us an idea of how much money we need to donate.  I don't want that to sound like a complaint.  I want to be able to make my donation meaningful.  Once again thank you so much.  See you at the reunion.


08/23/22 04:21 PM #7    


Robin Tweedy (Templin)

What Bob and Marty said... 

08/23/22 04:50 PM #8    

William Arnold

Please let me know how much you need to cover the costs of our upcoming reunion. I would be happy to help. Just email me at or 316-990-5753. Look forward to seeing everyone! Will Arnold

08/24/22 03:25 PM #9    

Robert Bachman

When we originally started with the Petroleum Club we thought we were all in at $30.00 per person for dinner.  All of the fees that were added on top were in the very fine print.  So what we thought was going to cost $30.00 ended up at $44.42.  The class checking is subsidizing $15.00 of that amount but with the large turnout and unexpected cost we were in the red.  This class has been incredibly generous in the past and the present is no different.  So if you want to donate $14.42 per person, that will cover your shortfall.  **If you have already paid, you still have a reservation for Friday Night even if you don't donate**.  This will not stop us.  It will be a very nice evening and Saturday Night is anybody's best guess.  I expect there will be people that show up that nobody expected to be there.  

I am sorry for this SNAFU.  I should have known better.  I have been through an almost identical situation. It seemed to me both times that the venue intentionally understated the true cost.

I am glad to hear that somebody requested name tags.  I was about to abandon that effort because of the cost.  I will revisit that.  Do you want your yearbook picture on the name tag? Is the clip on name tag OK?  

Thanks to all who have taken the time to post on this forum.   

08/24/22 04:32 PM #10    

Martha Albright

YES on yearbook pictures!  And make them as large (especially the font) as possible šŸ¤£. Seriously, I will be happy to cover the cost of those!!  Martha

08/24/22 06:11 PM #11    

Lydia (Sandi) Lindenman (Maier)

I really appreciate all that everyone has done, it has been so enjoyable to be reconnected to so many of you thru FB. And I am excited to be able to see everyone in personšŸ‘  I will be glad to donate to the cause.

THANK YOU ALL!   And yes, pictures on name tags would be fun. 

08/24/22 11:29 PM #12    

Mark Cross

I will go ahead and donate, but I have a question.  How do I sign up for the Sunday morning church service.  I thought it was going to be added as an event.  Thanks.

08/25/22 11:49 PM #13    


Jo Daymond (Weddendorf)

Hello, everyone!  Thank you for all of your hard work planning and organizing our 50th reunion.  We have a hotel room reserved and are excited to be there.  How do we donate for the shortfall for the dinner tickets?  I tried to go through the donate button but it didn't work.  Thanks!

Update.  Thanks for fixing the button.  Donation submitted.

08/26/22 09:46 AM #14    

Robert Bachman

I just had a conversation with Laura Araiza at North High. There will be tours conducted by cheerleaders and others from 10 AM until Noon. They will be meeting in front of the library entrance. Look for Butch. We will meet under Butch at 10:00 AM for a tour. 

08/28/22 10:06 PM #15    


Linda Ingram (Jones)

I was reading through the message string and didn't realize the issue of additional cost for Friday nights dinner. I have sent an additional donation to help with any extra expense. I applaud everyone's time and effort putting this reunion together. With our class being so large in numbers I can only imagine the challenges involved in bringing it together. I am so excited to see everyone again. 

08/29/22 11:34 AM #16    


Judy Allan (Schuessler)

Linda Ingram.... hi!  I'm looking forward to seeing you. The way I understand our Friday night cost....if you've already made your reservation at the lower cost, you're good and don't have to pay any additional; however, your donation is much appreciated!  See ya soon! šŸ™‹‍ā™€ļø

08/30/22 11:36 AM #17    


Vickie Shofner (Rishel)

I'm sending a HUGE thank you to those working on the 50th reunion for the class of 1972!  The last time I was able to attend a reunion was our 20th.  I'm sure many hours have been spent researching venues, meals, entertainment, etc.  Your efforts are truly appreciated & a donation has been made to assist.  I'm looking forward to seeing former classmates and touring the school.  

Kind Regards,
Vickie (Shofner) Rishel

08/30/22 06:09 PM #18    


Judy Allan (Schuessler)

Hi Vickie Shofner šŸ™‹‍ā™€ļø.....yes, it will be fun to see and visit with friends from long ago.  Did we have Shorthand class together?  Poor Mr. Temple, he must have had much patience to deal with all us gals! 

09/05/22 11:56 AM #19    


Gary Sullivan

Regarding dinner, maybe I missed it, but what time is it and is there a cocktail hour?

09/05/22 10:41 PM #20    


Jacque Grommet (Jordan)

I am so looking forward to this 50th Reunion!  I am so appreciative of all who have contributed their time, effort, and collaboration.  If there is something I can do please reach out to me.  I know I am in Florida, but wouldn't mind helping out when I get home on Sept 29 late evening.  If help is needed before the dinner please do not hesitate to ask.  I haven't been home for almost a year now and I am looking forward to seeing classmates from our graduation year!  

09/06/22 08:31 AM #21    

Robert Bachman

Social Hour at the Petroleum Club will be at 6 PM.  Dinner will be served at 7 PM. We will e mail a schedule after registrations for Friday Night close on September 15.  There will also be parking information included.  

09/06/22 03:50 PM #22    

Patricia Stark (Chewning)

Thank you for all the hard work and looking forward to the events for the reunion. Second time only for me to be able to attend. Just throwing a challenge out for fun. Any tennis players out there want to get a match up? Mixed or womens doubles? Text me or message. I will be in town a few days early.

10/03/22 06:50 AM #23    


Beverly Covington (Taylor)

The 50th reunion was absolutely the BEST. Many thanks and much gratitude to the planners and executors who pulled everything together. We had a wonderful time and reconnected with so many old friends. All I can say is let's do this again soon!

10/03/22 04:38 PM #24    

Cindy Bell (Barnett)

What a wonderful evening it was!  Thank you for all who could attend and those that made the events possible.  Had such a good time, am anxious for the next one!

Thank you again, 

Cindy Bell (Barnett)

10/04/22 04:00 PM #25    

Tal Tittsworth

What a great weekend!  It was so good to see so many of you and get to visit.  Many thanks to those who made it happen in such a grand way: Marc, Robert, Ray, Rebecca and Judy!



10/04/22 10:58 PM #26    


Margo Botkin (Walker)

It was great getting to see so many that I haven't seen for so, so long!  Many thanks to all who made the effort to come and I hope that you all got back home safely.  A BIG THANK YOU to the core group that made this weekend happen!  

10/05/22 02:24 PM #27    


Robin Tweedy (Templin)

What a blast. So many faces that I didn't realize I missed until I saw (and hugged) them again. And climbing that tower again was amazing. Thanks to all who made it happen.

10/05/22 03:31 PM #28    


Tanya Braggs

"2022" What a Fabulous 50th Class Reunion/Class of 1972!!!    A HUGE Thank You to the entire team_committee who worked & organized this Reunion.   Your enthusiasm and many hours are very much appreciated!!!    I had a GREAT Time!!!!!!!    Name Tags yesheart (Perfect)  Seeing the pictures and names on the tags - took me down memory lane at North High Schoolheart.     I'm always bragging about how beautiful my HS North High is to my friends.     Canoeing, Archery, Synchronized Swimming,  who would believe that!  Oh but,  can't forget skipping class cheekycheeky      Thank you ALL for the wonderful memories....... Looking forward to meeting up again........

Tanya Braggs

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