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Craig Coffman

Craig Coffman

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08/08/22 02:31 PM #4    

Judy Allan (Schuessler)

I'm so saddened to hear about Craig's passing. I have good memories of him from both junior high and high school. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and many friends. 

08/08/22 06:32 PM #5    

Randy Aronis

Dear Craig, 

We will miss you my friend. You passing takes something from me, not sure what, but never to be the same. Good memories for sure, most I can't talk about due to the nature of how those came about or what they intailed.

Even though I knew you in high school and we were friends then, it wasn't until college and becoming Beta brothers that we really connected on many levels. You are the only person by the way, besides myself that squeezed 4 year of college into 5. Don't laugh, it takes a high level of skill to pull that off.  Being room mates through out our college years and well into our 20's made for a lot of laughs, adventure and mischief. 

Remember the time we came back to our apartment around 2am and looked at each other and said, "What now?" "You said, lets go to Tucson Arizona." "Ok lets go I replied!" So we got a couple of hours of sleep, packed my 1972 Gremlin, with no air condition, leak oil, and headed out. The good thing was we did pack 3 cases of beer in my large cooler and had refreshments most of the way.

We told everyone on that trip we were tennis pros!!! The funny part most believed our story. Later we were the founding members of the Pros From Dover, a group of Beta brothers that were insane enough to be a part of that mis guided club...wasn't reall a club, just a bunch of fun loving Beta brothers.  

Remember too every Sunday we get up early and go to Taco Tico for our lord...! What were we thinking. It wasn't unusual to wake up on a Sunday and find people sleeping all over our apartment...we must have a wild time those nights.

Here's the deal, everyone you considerd a friend. Fast to laugh, eager to please with a broad smile and a warm heart.  Your genrousity is legendary. It is the little things that count and you have been thousands of little things to me which have added up to a memory of a life worth living. Good show my friend.

I think I owe you $20 bucks...I'll pay up when I see you next.


P.S. Rest assured Craig, I will keep visiting your dad every Friday for our couple of hours of coversation and beer time.



08/08/22 08:17 PM #6    

David Smith

It was jolting to hear of Craigs passing. He was such an easy going, fun man with a big heart. I was so hoping to see him at the 50th. I found a few pics that really took me back.  

Showing off their bull frog capture with Jerry Adams.


I think at the 20th reunion with Dale Branda, Me and Randy Shaffer.


Send Craig a goofy pic of him being unaware that he was part of a jillion Bernie sightings.


The last time I saw Craig was in the fall of 2013. He happen to be in Wichta briefly when I was there for my moms funeral. Though he had to leave early the next morning, he made time to stop by the hotel where I was staying with my family. I was really glad he showed up and we had a great visit that evening. 




08/08/22 09:15 PM #7    

David Smyser

A picture says 1000 words... Here's Craig on the left in my backyard fort with his bazooka.

The Riverside IGA Cardinals.

Backyard football.

Nothing but fond memories.

08/09/22 02:56 PM #8    

Richard Norden

Thank you, Craig, for being an awesome classmate, teammate, Scout brother. You and your dad both had such a positive effect on those around you. My sympathies to those in your life. 

08/09/22 05:30 PM #9    

Mark Borofsky



A few weeks ago, I had asked Randy Aronis how Craig was doing. I found out from Randy that Craig had spent almost three months in the hospital.  I called Cgraig and had the most wonderful time talking with him on the phone. Craig said how much it meant to him that the last reunion where he was in town, I shared with him how kind he was to me while at North. I came from a dysfunctional family and we were lower middle class. I also ran around with the wrong crowd for the most part. I told Craig there were four guys at Noeth that treated me really well while at North. Randy Aronis, Craig, Dale Brandon and Ray Beal. I was not close to them but when I did interact with them. They treated me as an equal. When I shared with Craig after all these years how much it meant to me that he was so kind, it made him happy and to know that; but the reality is, Craig was that way with everyone he encountered. He was simply a very nice person and I never heard him speak bad of anyone. I think it safe to say that Craig had no enemies, he was liked by everyone which made him standout. 

we talked about his hospital stay and also my battles with cancer and long stays in the hospitals. We kind of had a unique common bond. Shortly after our conversation I told him I would be praying for him and truthfully it sounded promising that he would make a rebound and had a good chance of getting better  right before I fell and broke my hip Craig texted me and said he really enjoyed our phone conversation, that I could call or text him any time  like I said, I broke my hip and did not have that opportunity to communicate with him again  Randy Aronis sent me a text on Monday telling me Craig had passed away Sunday. I guess God decided He wanted Craig home with him and that Craig had been a faithful servant whose time now belong to the Lord  I was really hoping Craig would be at the reunion so I along with so many others will be disappointed he will not be there  like Ray Beal, I too wept when I found out Craig passed away, and even though we did not run around together while at North, his kindness and genuine caring left a lasting impression on me  I think it safe to say that all of us who knew Craig are better having the pleasure and joy of calling him friend  God bless you and your family Craig and please know that yours was a life that was as kind and nice and freiemdly as anyone I have ever known  Rest easy Craig, you deserve it  











08/09/22 09:56 PM #10    

Tim Martz

Craig's passing has left a huge hole in the lives of so many.  I greive the passing of a good friend.  He was kind to all, huge heart and he made all his friends feel significant.  I was fortunate to spend time with his family on a few camping trips and know how Craig came by his generosity and friendliness as his parents, Allen and Barbara, lived this way.  How much fun we had in his garage that his dad converted to a game room - some really great games of ping-pong and not sure I ever beat Craig or his dad.  I recall Craig playing a challenge match with Mr. Seward Phipps at Marshall - don't recall who won.  I got to work on some painting and lawn mowing jobs with Craig when he was working for Mr. Phipps.  Boy Scouts, Troop 457 and Philmont also gave us a great bonding experiences.  I will always think of Craig and his family when I pass by their home on N. 20th street.  Thanks to all those who posted photos, so good to remember that smile of his and we can probably all picture the gait of his walk and his laugh!  How we all looked forward to seeing him at our upcoming 50th class reunion.  Craig's sister, Denise (Coffman) Lipsey, said that I could share her contact information - 6547 N. Rico Rd., Wichita, KS 67204; email -  

08/14/22 05:01 PM #11    

Donna Martinson (Hughes)

I was saddened to hear of Craig's passIng.  I will always remember his friendly smile, his wonderful sense of humor, and his rendition of Elvis  Blue Suede Shoes.  He made the world a better place.

Donna (Martinson) Hughes

08/15/22 12:17 PM #12    

Linda Ingram (Jones)

I was shocked to see that Craig had passed away. I was a good friend and I think I always competed with him for highest grades in grade school. He will be missed at the 50th but I'm sure there will be lots of stories and memories to hear. May God give your family peace in this sad time. 

08/23/22 01:12 PM #13    

David Beck

I've delayed posting anything about Craig for many days, as the news was hard to hear.  Sid Thompson texted me the news first.  I had to confirm it on this site before I wanted to believe it.  

Craig and I literally grew up together, meeting in first grade at Woodland Elementary.  We played at each other's houses together.  We were in Cub and Boy Scouts together.  Played little league baseball together many summers.  We played junior league football and North High football together.  I went camping with his family a few times in their slide-in pickup truck camper.  I was around for the conversion of their garage to teenage game room that Tim Martz mentioned, and played a lot of ping pong there.  Craig was always a great friend and teammate.  

We drifted apart for many years following college.  But he reached out to reconnect several years ago.  I saw him in Wichita a couple of times when our travel plans to home overlapped.  In July 2013 I spent a weekend with him at his house on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  We boated, floated on inner tubes in the bay, drank beer, ate some good food, visited a lighthouse, and talked a lot.  It was a fun and relaxing weekend with a great guy.  

Since then, we would text occasionally, often when the Phillies were playing the Braves.  Or about K-State football or Wichita State basketball.  Or just to let me know he was thinking about me.  I last heard from him about a month before his passing.  He said he was in the hospital for treatments.  We texted several times over a couple of days.  I thought I should call him, but somehow never got around to it.  I realize now he was probably saying goodbye.  Wish I had called him.  

As everyone else has already said, Craig was a great friend. Loved people. Loved to have fun in a wide variety of ways.  Craig made the world a better place.  I already miss him.  


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